What is Japaneasy?


Japaneasy can be used anytime, anywhere.
It's an online school where you can take Japanese lessons.
Here are the three steps to make in order to take a free trial lesson.

Free Trial Lesson
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Welcome to Japaneasy

Japaneasy is for those people who don't have a school where they can study Japanese nearby, don't have a teacher to teach them Japanese, are not able to attend a Japanese class with high fees... for students all over the world who want to study Japanese, but find studying difficult, Japaneasy offers a learning service where anyone can easily learn one on one with native Japanese teachers.

Languages cannot be learned in a short amount of time; building knowledge every day is very important.
It is difficult to increase Japanese communication ability just through reading a textbook and accumulating knowledge.
At school while a student studies for tests and is given lectures in Japanese, and also receives learning input like anime and movies, it is absolutely essential to use that new knowledge through daily practical conversation practice.

With Japaneasy’s Online Japanese Lessons, together with native Japanese teachers, students can learn conversation centered, practical Japanese. Learning one on one with a Japanese teacher and progressing systematically, students are able to acquire truly useful Japanese much more quickly and efficiently than with other learning methods.

In addition, for lessons tailored to level or learning goal such as general conversation, preparing for a trip to Japan, preparing for JLPT or Japanese for business, people with varied backgrounds from over 50 countries around the world, from adults to children, enjoy learning with our teachers every day. Try Japaneasy’s Online Japanese Lessons today!


Why Japaneasy?

1. Through Skype anytime, anywhere, It's an online lesson using Skype.
Because you can use any device, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can take the lesson at home, at work or anywhere you like.

2. A private lesson with a Japanese teacher Because it's a private lesson, you can take a course at whatever level you currently are. Also, these lessons focus on speaking, and you can learn practical Japanese that you can't learn in other places.

3. High quality teachers All of the teachers at Japaneasy are experts in education and native Japanese speakers. Of course all of them are Japanese teachers, but some teachers have experience working in schools in Japan as well. There are courses offered in Japanese language, business, test preparation, Japanese lifestyle, culture, and various learning styles accommodated to whatever you are interested in learning.

4. Japaneasy offers lessons for business at a low price.
1 Lesson =¥970(Japanese yen)~
We offer Japanese lessons at lower price than the other Japanese online lessons.




・I have a presentation at a Japanese company, but I don't have confidence. I would like you to help alter and perfect my presentation.
・I don't have any problems with daily conversation, but business Japanese is difficult.
・I want to get better at Japanese but I am busy with work and don't have time.
・I don't know how or when to use the different types of honorifics.?
・I will start working at an office in Japan soon. What Japanese should I learn before I go to Japan?

School/Job Searching
・I want to study Japanese in order to go to a Japanese university.
・I want to work in Japan in the future.
・I want to do work in my home country where I can use Japanese.

Daily life
・My life in Japan has begun, but I am worried because I don't know Japanese or the customs for living in Japan.
・Japanese dialects are totally different than the Japanese that I studied.
・Even though I have come to Japan, I don't have much of a chance to speak Japanese. I want more opportunities to speak Japanese.
・I want to learn at least basic conversation before coming to Japan.

Interest in Japanese language/ Japanese culture
・I have an interest in Japanese language and want to learn starting at beginner's level Japanese.
・I want to talk to a Japanese teacher who has detailed knowledge about_____. (E.g. tea ceremony, calligraphy, ninjas, etc.)

・I have returned from living abroad for a long time, and am worried about my child's Japanese.
・I am worried about whether or not my child can keep up in school in Japan.
・My child can speak Japanese, but has difficulty reading and writing.
・I suddenly have to move to Japan, and neither my child nor I can speak Japanese.
・I don't understand documents or messages from my child's school.

・I want to study Japanese necessary for traveling
・What is famous in____ prefecture? What places do you recommend?


Free Trial Lesson