• Business customers

Business customers


At Japaneasy, the employees who are from foreign countries can take Japanese lessons to improve their Japanese skills for business, or for personal goals, at the level that best fits them. Lessons are offered every day and focused on one-on-one communication with highly professional teachers. We support actual practice and acquisition of Japanese skills for business, school, and daily life, and for whatever situation necessary.
We will listen to your opinions and requests, and recommend a teacher and plan that best fits what your company is looking for. Please feel free to inquire for further information.

Do you have these kinds of worries?

  • ・It's difficult to communicate with foreign employees
  • ・There isn't enough time for foreign employees to learn about business Japanese and honorifics, as well as Japanese business manners and culture.
  • ・I want to support employees not only with work, but would like to support them with their daily life in Japan, and want them to feel free to ask about things they do not understand about Japan.
  • ・There aren't any Japanese language schools nearby, and I cannot provide enough training on my own.
  • ・Commuting to a Japanese language school wastes time.
  • ・Japanese language schools and private teachers are expensive.
  • ・I want to support high quality Japanese learning for employees in branches overseas.
  • ・Other

The reason everybody chooses Japaneasy


Because Japaneasy does service through Skype, the user is not limited by time and place, and can use Japaneasy the way that best fits them. Also, the teachers do not only teach Japanese language lessons, but will also teach about things such as Japanese culture, business manners, how to talk on the phone, honorifics, and so on. We will clear any doubts the user has about things other than the Japanese language, and while improving your Japanese skills, it is possible to deepen the user's understanding of Japanese culture.

Furthermore, all of the lessons are one-on-one lessons and can be molded to match the user's goals and Japanese level. Also, after each lesson, the teacher can give feedback and advice on the user's progress in order to get the best results and improvement.

How to start

  • Inquiry
    For more information please call us or make inquiries from the inquiry form.
  • Counseling
    We will ask about your opinions and requests based on the purpose and implementation methods.
  • Proposal
    We will propose a plan that best suits what your company needs.
  • Contract
    After the signing of the contract, the lessons begin.
    You can start a lesson as soon as the day after the contract of signed.
    We will explain how the lessons are conducted, as well as how the system of our company works.
  • Other (analysis and improvement)
    Each teacher from our company will grasp, understand and analyze the level the user's skills and improvement. They will accurately explain any problems found in the user's Japanese language use and communication. If it is necessary, we will analyze the user's condition during the lesson and propose a plan and explain how it would be best to continue studies in order to get the best results.
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