Q:In what country are Japaneasy’s online lessons taken mostly?
Our lessons are taken in 125 countries.
(In decreasing order of students)
1. India2. Nepal
3. Vietnam4. Philippines
5. Sri Lanka6. United States, Pakistan, Japan

Q:How much do the lessons cost?
The lesson fees differ depending on the number purchased. Please see here.
Q:How should I pay for the lessons?
A:The main method for paying will be paypal. If you would like to do direct deposit, you will have to take care of all of the extra charges on your own.
Q:Is there a text book?
A:No, there is not one set textbook。You can use textbooks recommended by the teacher or possibly use a textbook you have prepared yourself. Please discuss options with the teacher.
Q:Can the teacher speak a language either than Japanese?
A:The language they can speak depends on the teacher. Please look at the teacher profiles.
Q:What should I do to prepare for taking the lessons?
A:Computer (tablet, iphone)、OS computer、internet conection、skype、webcam、head set
Q:If I want to stop taking lessons what should I do?
A:Please contact us and fill in the section for cancellation on the inquiry form.
Q:Is learning Japanese by Skype effective?
A:"Education by Skype is a modern method of learning Japanese, which promotes advanced study of the Japanese language(especially for speaking skills) quickly and effectively.
Your teachers(sensei) answer any questions and work out an education programme in an effective and interesting way one on one. The lessons with a native speaker teachers will help you to dismantle the language barrier during communication in Japanese. "
Q:How many minutes is one lesson?
A:One lesson is 25 minute.
Q:Can I get a lesson for 50min or longer.
A:You can book a lesson in succession to extend over a period of time.
Q:Can I request a specific lesson?
A:Yes you can. You can request what you want to study when you book a lesson.
Q:Can I get a home assignment?
A:"It is better to do a home assignment for more effective results of your education. Also, we recommend self-study aimed at learning new vocabulary after every new lesson, reading texts in Japanese, writing mini-compositions.
We recommend to ask them some assignment for your next lesson. Your teacher can check your assignment and give you a valuable feedback. "
Q:How can I get some advice after lesson from the teachers (sensei) ?
A:After every lesson your teacher sends you some advice to improve your Japanese skills within 24hours. Please check your log-in page after the lesson.
Q:What would I do if I want to be absent from a lesson.
A:You can cancel the lesson 10 minutes before the lesson starts.
Q:If I am late, can I still take the lesson?
A:Yes, you can. However, your lesson will be shortened in accordance to your adjusted start time.
Q:It's lesson time but I've received no Skype call from my teacher..
A:"If you don't receive a Skype call from your instructor, check your Skype application as you may not have clicked ""Accept"" to your instructor's ""I'd like to add you as a contact"". If you have not received a ""I'd like to add you as a contact"" from your instructor, please contact the "" Contact Form"". Japaneasy sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and arrange a compensatory lesson immediately. "
Q:I lost my connection during the lesson.
A:If, despite using a wired connection and meeting the recommended system requirements, a lesson is interrupted due to a communications failure, Japaneasy will refund you for that lesson. In such cases, please contact the "Contact Form"
Q:What happens if I don't give notice and then don't take a lesson?
A:There are no make-up lessons for lessons not attended.
Q:Can I request a refund for unused tickets?
A:We are very sorry, but the tickets purchased cannot be refunded.
Q:What kind of teachers teach the Japanese lessons (nihongo)?
A:All of our teachers(sensei) are native Japanese with a lot of experiences to teach Japanese language(nihongo) all over the world. They have the confidence in their knowledge and have met our rigorous recruiting standards.
Q:Are there teachers who can speak/teach Japanese in other languages?
A:"For you convenience, we offer not only native speakers, but also the teachers who can speak English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. If you just have a beginner level and you need a detailed explanation in your mother language then we recommend you to book their lessons first. If you would like to dismantle the language barrier and feel as if you were in Japan, you can choose all teachers who you want. Please check their profiles and choose the suitable teachers for you."
Q:Is a tutor continuously in charge of my lesson?
A:We assign one designated tutor for you because it enables your lessons to be more consistent. In addition, your tutor will become familiar with your abilities and modify the lessons in order to fit your language needs.
Q:Any tips when you book a lesson.
A:"Please check each their profile. Each teacher have their own strongest subjects. You can find out the best teacher for you. If your best teacher is not available at your convenient time, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Japaneasy Contact Form
Q:I have studied Business Japanese with the same teacher. What should I do if his/her lesson is not available?
A:I recommend you to take a another lesson. New teacher take over the all information what you studied last time from the predecesor. You can take the continued lesson even if it was not the same one.
Setting up before a lesson
Q:What do I need to take a lesson?
A:You need Internet access (a wired connection is recommended), a computer with the toll-free service Skype installed, a headset, and a Web camera.
Q:Do I need a web cam?
A:We recommend to use a web cam. web cams are optional for students while all teachers use a web cam (which means you can see your teacher during class).
Q:Can lessons be taken with a smartphone or tablet?
A:"You can take lessons with smartphones such as iPhones or android phones, as well as tablets such as the iPad. Just install the Skype application for your device and you're set. Please note, however, that wired networking environments are recommended, and that wireless environments may result in communication failures or voices cutting out."
Q:Can I take lessons from Internet cafés or while outside?
A:We recommend you use wired connections when taking lessons. The wireless connections at Internet cafés or in outside environments can result in communication failures or voices cutting out.
Q:What do I do if I can't log in?
A:Please check your e-mail address abd password to make sure your e-mail address and password are correct. If you forgot your ID, please contact us from the following link.
Japaneasy Contact Form
If you forgot your password, please visit the following link to reissue your password.
Forgot your Password
Q:How can I get my password sent to me again?
A:Click the "Forgot your Password" link underneath the ID and password entry field. This will allow you to reset your password. To have a new password set, you will need to supply the e-mail address you originally registered.
About Skype
Q:What is Skype?
A:Skype is a telecommunications application software product which specializes in providing video chat and voice calls from computers, tablets, and mobile devices via the Internet.
Q:How much does is cost to take a lesson for Skype?
A:It is generally free of charge. You don’t have to pay extra money except lesson fees.
Q:How should I set up Skype?
A:For Skype set-up you have to follow the official site link of Skype (https://support.skype.com/ru/faq/FA79/cto-nuzno-sdelat-ctoby-ustanovit-skype). If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
About Paypal
Q:What is PayPal?
A:PayPal is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies. If you would like to learn more, please check the official website here.
Q:How can I make a PayPal account?
A:When you make the payment for Japaneasy, you can make your account at the same time. Or you can also use yourown Paypal accout.
Q:How can I change my credit details or email?
A:Please visit this webpage: How do I view or edit my account information?
Q:Who can I contact when I'm having trouble?
A:"Please refer to the following: Japaneasy Contact Form
Q: Is it possible to book a lesson soon after the payment by PayPal has been completed?
A: Normally, yes.
Your lessons will be added once your payment has been successfully completed. However, a delay may occur due to the connection problem etc.
Please let us know if you cannot book a lesson after your payment.