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For the detail of the easy way of registration.
After sign up, you can get a Free Trial Lesson.

Free Trial Lesson
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Step1:Sign Up for Free

Please sign up for Japaneasy account first. You can make your account easily for free.

①Sign up page is from here.

②Please enter the required information on the sign up form and click the submit button.
*If you don’t have your Skype account yet, please make your account from here.

③You will receive a confirmation email to the address that you entered on the sign up form.

④Sign Up has been completed.

Sign Up for Free

Step2:Free Trial Lesson

After Sign Up, you can take a free trial lesson.
*If you’d like to start without a free trial lesson, please go to Step 3.

①Please click the link on the confirmation email that you received from Japaneasy and sign in with the sign up email address and password.

②After sign in, please click “Book Lesson” page.

③Please select a convenient date and time, choose your teacher and click “Submit”.

④Once you receive the lesson notification email, the lesson reservation has been completed.
*You can resister a lesson 1 minute before the lesson starts. Cancellations will be accepted 10 minutes before the lesson starts.

⑤Please sign in Skype to be in time for the lesson and wait "Online" status. The teacher will send you a contact request in advance, please add to your contact list and be ready and wait to start the lesson.

⑥Please wait for the call from the teacher at the actual lesson time and let your teacher know what you want to learn.
*Please look here if you’d like to know the lesson topics.

⑦You will receive the feedback from your teacher in 24 hours.
You can check your feedback from “Lesson History”.

Step3:Choose a Course

①Please select the number of tickets you want.

②Please select a payment method and click “Confirm”. We allows PayPal or Bank Transfer.
PayPal is easy and secured online payment service used all over the world.
Please complete the payment according to the method of PayPal.
What is PayPal?


・Bank Transfer
You can make a payment from the bank account of Japan.
Please complete the payment according to the Email you will receive from us after the registration.
Please note, you are responsible for your own bank transfer fee.

③Once your payment has been successfully completed, you can book lessons soon. Let’s book a lesson now.
・PayPal: You can book your lessons immediately once your payment has been successfully completed.
*Normally, your lessons will be added once your payment has been successfully completed. However, a delay may occur due to the connection problem etc.
Please let us know if you cannot book a lesson after your payment.
・Bank Transfer: You can book your lessons once the payment is verified by us.
Please wait for a while for processing.

Step4:Start your lessons

①Please book your lessons according to Step2 above.

②If you’d like to purchase your lesson tickets in addition, please purchase additional tickets from “Buy Tickets”.

Free Trial Lesson